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Petlabs is a new revolutionary biotech­nology that connects you to your pet's health at the molecular level.

Health tests for your pet.

SCREENED ANYTIME, ANYWHERE IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS. Our microlab technology is a revolutionary new system that connects you to your pet’s health at the molecular level. And it’s simple and fast – just get a screen at a store near you, prick your pet’s ear, place a few drops of blood in the device and put it in a return-envelope. We’ll analyze your pet’s biomolecules at our laboratory and upload the result within a few hours to your smartphone.
Blood screenings helps detect pet’s health problems in early stages. Even pets that appear healthy can have hidden medical problems that might grow serious, even life-threatening, if left undetected. Blood tests are essential for identifying diseases at the earliest – most treatable – stage possible. We recommend therefore regular screenings so potential problems can be treated before they become serious.
Prevention is the best medicine. We believe proactive care not only improves the quality of your pet’s life, it will add years to it. Our preventive health screens are simple to use, accurate and an affordable way for you to make sure your pet is in best possible shape. It gives you peace of mind and confidence that your pet is healthy and happy.

Your pet’s health data in your mobile.

With Petlabs free app you can start tracking all your pet’s test results and progress over time. Each new result will securely be sent to you faster than ever before. Your results are private, secure and confidential.
How healthy is your pet? Find out now!
How healthy is your pet? Find out now!
Pets can't tell us when they're ill - that's where our wellness screens comes in.

Top 50 biomarkers in your phone. The ultimate pet health screening.

Hormones, allergies, vitamins, minerals, toxics, bloodfats, sugar. To be launched.